The Blogger’s Adsense Combo

It's a winner!

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

Naturally there exist a few great Adsense combinations that have been seen to do quite well historically on many different blogs with varying different types of content.

For bloggers one combination that every single blogger should try at least for a bit of time is what I call the Blogger’s Adsense Combo, one of the historically higher combination of Adsense units that a blogger can employ.

In fact, I’m using it (as marked by this publish date) currently on this blog as a test of how well it will perform with my content, style of authorship, and current community and readership.

What is it exactly? It’s this…

It’s the use of an advertisement right below the title as well as in between your content and the comment layer.

For example, I use one of the largest rectangle units available, the 336  x 280, right below the title of the articles.

Here’s one such example:

Oh yeah.

As you can see the large rectangle is right below the title. You can use both graphic and text-based units here.

That’s the first position within this “combo” – the second is putting one another Adsense (or another advertisement) between the content layer and the interaction layer, or what we typically call the comment layer.

The sizes that some bloggers use can be relatively small (468 x 60) to the same size as the top advertisement. In fact, some go even larger (depending on design). You can, of course, do whatever you’d like.

As you can see, I have another advertisement between my content and my comments and have chosen to test the larger rectangle as well. To be honest it’s not converting as high as I would like it so I’m going to probably change this up soon:

TentBlogger using the Blogger's Adsense Combo

Want some other great examples from some of the top blogs out there? Check out these other top blogs who are using this combination:

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Pretty slick, right?

A few things to know and to remember:

  1. Test, test, test! Although some of these top blogs use the Blogger’s Adsense Combo there are more blogs that do not use it (and for good reason). You need to use what converts best and what works for your content and community.
  2. Must test sizes and locations. Must!
  3. The Blogger’s Adsense Combo isn’t for everyone. Make sure it makes sense for your blog.
  4. Design will dictate a lot of how you use the Blogger’s Adsense Combo. Use it wisely and well!
  5. If you attempt to “trick” anyone with the top advertisement to get someone to click on the ad by using specific words in the title or text below (or wrapped) around the advertisement you could get banned by Google. Make sure to have a space between the advertisement, your title, and the content around the advertisement. Or, ad a line or piece of text just before the advertisement that says “Ad,” “Advertisement,” or “Advertisements.”

Try it, test it, and see if it can work for you! The Blogger’s Adsense Combo could be the combo for you!

Or it could not (but that’s ok!).

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]