3 Adsense Design Best Practices to Consider when Optimizing

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

It can be hard to nail down any “best practices” when it comes to Google Adsense since your best strategy will be dependent on the context of your community, content, and design, but there appears to be some general strategies that have historically proven to work a bit better than your run-of-the-mill execution.

Here are a few tips that could bring out the very highest CTR in terms of design – of course, as I’ve already discussed, your best strategy is to test your own use of Google Adsense and see what works best.

1. Fonts are Important

It’s been proven that the use of bigger fonts can help with the increased click of your advertisements. I generally try to avoid the use of big fonts but I can tell you that it does, in fact, work.

Test it out for yourself and see what happens.

2. Default Colors Work Well

That's why it's "Default"...

Despite your efforts to Blend or Contrast your advertisements the classic colors and default palette seem to convert fairly well.

A good idea is to try it and see how it works out and then test a few that blend and contrast as you work your way towards higher profitability.

See what happens – you might just like the default palette better anyways!

3. Borders or Not?

We’ve talked about banner blindness before already and one of the things that can contribute to it more is any design element that separates the advertisement from the rest of the content.

I’m not sure this works all the time but it’s worth noting and one element in particular seems to be borders and making them invisible so it doesn’t appear to be any division between content and advertisement.

Again, testing is your best weapon to see if it’s really true for your blog!


Google Adsense has recently updated the Style Options available with a new dedicated Ad Styles options:

Pretty slick!

This is nice because it gives you more optimization potential when testing out colors and styles:

We’re now launching another long-requested feature: ad styles. Ad styles extend and enhance all of the functionality of our old color palettes. With ad styles, you can create customized combinations of colors, fonts, and corner styles and then easily apply these to the ad units and search engines across your site.

The best part about ad styles is that when you edit an ad style in the new interface, any ad units or search engines that are using this style will automatically be updated with your changes. So if you want to test a new color for the ad units on your site to see how it performs, you can create a new ad style and apply it to some of your ad units.

I’m digging it!

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]