Simple Adsense Plugin for WordPress

So simple... even you can do it!

In my Google Adsense Series I shared some thoughts about adsense design and placement as well as sharing the Blogger’s Adsense Combo which historically has worked for many people really, really well.

Well, what I simply decided was that I should release a WordPress Plugin that can help you do just that so that you don’t have to mess with the code too much! With my buddy (and uber-coder) @TomMcFarlin we’re pleased to release a very simple plugin that’ll allow you to make money via your self-hosted WordPress blog with even more ease.

Position is critical!

You can:

  • Embed one Adsense code before and after content (Blogger’s Adsense Combo).
  • Embed it and have it show via time-delay. For example, 3 days after the blog post goes live. This rewards daily readers with no visible Adsense while maximizes profit via organic traffic returns.
  • Display it on front, single pages, posts.
  • Install and go. Super simple to implement and use!

Ready to get it? Download it Here via WordPress Repo!

Simple options.

And don’t forget to learn more about implementing Google Adsense wisely and well with my Adsense Series for Bloggers!