Another Great Month with Adsense: September, 2011

As I continue to share my candid thoughts, strategies, and methods in my Adsense for Bloggers Series I’m still experimenting and testing (very important) with it here on my blog as well.

Last month I made $431.34 and this month I increased to $604.36! That’s an increase of $173.02 or more than 40% month-over-month! Can I say that my tests and optimizations are actually working? I think so.

I’ll probably share a few more of my thoughts on what I did specifically in the Community Forums in the next week or so but overall it’s been just slugging through testing and optimizing particular areas of the post.

Will I continue to use Google Adsense long-term? Perhaps, but perhaps not. I’ve always been a bit partial to a much-cleaner looking blog with less advertisements but I’ll have to keep thinking about pros and cons – naturally I’ll share those with you as my decision becomes more clear.

Thanks all and I hope you had a great September with Google Adsense!