Blogging About Adsense… Sucks!

Let me be frank and very honest – blogging about Google Adsense is dry and somewhat boring. In fact, it’s been somewhat of a drain on my passion for a bit because it’s simply not┬áthe most exciting thing to talk about!

Sure, making your blog more financially solvent is, and should be, very exciting, but blogging through some of this content can be very un-stimulating, if that makes sense.

Numbers, placements, CTR, location, design, rates… bleh!

But here’s the lesson to be learned: That there are ups and downs of your blogging efforts and you will inevitably encounter times of dryness with your writing, perhaps even severe bouts of feeling empty in terms of your passion, content development, and inspiration.

I’ve mentioned that it can be very lonely too!

But don’t stop! As some of the members of the community forums are learning (especially for BlogX participants) you have to burn through the tough times because that’s just what they are: Tough times, that aren’t forever, just for a moment that won’t last forever.

I’m not super-passionate about Adsense, especially blogging about it, but I know that it’s providing value for my readers and those interested in taking their blogging efforts to the next level. I hope it’s been helpful and I hope I can offer you encouragement to you as you face periods of “blogging tedium” – they are coming but you can get through it!

And don’t worry, I’ll finish out my series on Google Adsense – it is a great series! Love you guys, let’s do this!