Survey Results: Your Experience with Google Adsense

A few weeks ago I asked you guys to fill in a survey in regards to your experience with Google Adsense. The responses were great!

Thanks so much for doing that!

I wanted to share those results with you just so you can see where you stand in comparison to the rest of your peers, especially those in the TentBlogging Community!

Check them out:

1. Have you ever used Google Adsense?

Use it?

2. If “Yes” how much experience?


3. If “No” do you plan to use it ever?


4. If “No” why won’t you use Adsense?

No? Why?

5. How much blogs/sites are you using Adsense on?

How many?

6. How much do you make per month?


7. What other monetization methods do you use?

What other methods?

Here is a look at just some of the participant locations as well.

You guys are world-wide!

Any thoughts to any of this?