Crafting a Simple Blog Advertising Contract or Agreement (Examples Included)

Who knew signing a piece of paper could be so sweet? Blog advertising!

[This is a part of the “Getting Started with Blog Advertising” blog series.]

So you’re ready to start advertising and you’ve got the spots on your blog lined up, your advertising page is ready, and you’ve already got the fees and prices figured out that are going to keep you competitive yet flexible.

What next? Well, you’ll probably need a very simple contract to present to your sponsors so that you can get the ball rolling quickly.

Here’s what you’ll need to generally include in a direct sales and advertisement contract as well as an example one that you can use for your needs.

The Essentials:

Here is a list of the essentials that you’ll probably want to include in any agreement. Of course, there’s a lot of flexibility and you’ll want to customize it to your own needs, but here’s a place to start:

  • Title of Contract
  • Your Business/Blog Name (Email, Address, Contact Info)
  • Advertisers Business Information (Email, Address, Contact Info)
  • Advertising Options, Rates, and Time of Execution
  • Any Terms of Service and Restrictions
  • Payment Information
  • Cancellation Policies
  • Any Legal Copy (Indemnification, Basic Liability)
  • Signature and Date

This information generally provides the skeleton of my “Simple Example Advertising Agreement” that you can use and customize for yourself:

An Example Advertising Agreement in PDF Form.

Feel free to download the template(s) here:

I’ve also created the same document with “highlights” so you can easily see the areas that you’ll want to change:

Highlights are so awesome!

Download this version right here:

Hope this provides at least a starting point for your advertising needs!

[This is a part of the “Getting Started with Blog Advertising” blog series.]