Advice for Interns

Some really neat advice for interns by some of the most well-known tech luminaries, like Jen Dulski, Sam Altman, and more.

Although, I think that we’re all “interns” at heart in many, many ways. Keep learning. Never stop. Love this advice. I particularly like this right now:

Do not take a job that’s going to be easy. Purpose is a perk.

I’ll admit, as I’m looking ahead toward the next season of my professional life I’m revisiting some old assumptions, throwing a few away, and re-learning a ton of things that I thought I had figured out.

I like challenges, I always have. But, there have definitely been some times historically where I’ve had some options to do the “easier” thing rather than the one(s) that were more challenging, that really stretched me personally and professionally.

On occasion I’ve gotten it wrong and that sucks (we’ve all been there, right?). The goal isn’t to find an easy job but one that’s purpose-driven and that asks more of you than what you currently have to offer. This results in you filling the gap with grit, desire, and heart, things that really matter in the tougher industries and business challenges (especially startups).

If you’re not being challenged then you’re not growing and you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. Time to get crackin’ again.

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