Advice: Sometimes You Know


Everyone likes to give advice but not everyone likes receiving it. Part of this is because of the fact that not everyone giving advice is very good at delivering it nor do they have the credibility and trustworthiness to carry it through.

The other side of the coin is the reality that many of us are too arrogant, too headstrong, and too opinionated for our own good and we believe that we have the answers already and do not need the help of others.

And… in the case of Dilbert, sometimes you just know when things aren’t aligned and the deliverer of the advice is neither capable of dispensing good advice via the content itself and the delivery.

I’ve been getting a lot of advice these days, from peers, friends, colleagues, people I trust and people that I barely even know and I’ve been giving the idea of advice-giving (and receiving) some serious thought.

The vast majority of people sharing their thoughts are well-intentioned and their thoughts and suggestions are quite good. Regardless, I have a hard time receiving the advice and really listening to it if they don’t have a personal relationship with me in a way that’s a few steps beyond superficial.

Qualifying that can be difficult at times, but, mostly you just know when you have or do not have a functional and real relationship, one that’s been built by mutual respect, that’s healthy, and one that’s created (or being developed) into something akin to friendship.

Sometimes, you just know.

Finding great people to work with and do life with is fundamental and should be at the top list of priorities for personal and professional endeavors. At this point in time, it is the most important thing.