Afternoon with Sue Hong

Just got back with an awesome evening and afternoon with Sue Hong.  Thankx God.  It was an experience to remember.  Well, actually, I remember these experiences even if they weren’t… but, it was great.  Getting to know Sue better was definitely worth my time.

Got up, this morning, went to church and had an awesome sermon spoken to me before I even got to church.  Ravi Zacharias is so dope… he spoke about job and our present day suffereing.  This man speaks with so much wisdom and intelligence and knowledge… man, it just made me feel so ignorant listening to this man.  He has so many sources and quotes from so many different places… and, sheesh, this man has a really ineteresting style of preaching.. and he’s got an accent to top it off… its downright cool.  So, yeah, I wrote down something he said, which was to the tune of…  “You are ignorant, young, brash, and inconsiderate”…  yah… i know.  I had to write that down because, its so true.  I have much to learn and mature…

So, I get to church and Pastor Yohan gives an incredible sermon again.  This was title… ‘how to shout something quietly’… and the passages used were matthew 10:18-33 and 1st Kings 19 11-15.  He spoke about how sometimes, the way we say things are just important, if not more important than what is actually said.  Yohan was just wondering how Jesus said some of the stuff he said… what his face looked like, when his nostrils would flare up and stuff.  When did He whisper and when did He shout.  Yohan used an example of how when he flies on planes, he always talks to someone.  What he calls a ‘captive audience’…  haha.  but, really, what holds our attention?  we must be captivated by our love for the Lord, passionate, intense, and have people begging to know what we are doing and what we are talking about.  That’s how I should live me life… so that when people see it, they are like… what is he so interested in…?  It looks good and fun… i want in.  that’s how it is…  yeah…  so, man, do i live my life like that…?  i wonder…  It’s just a whisper… just living that life… and i just need to live it… and do it.. and be so involved in what im doing that it motivates others…  whisper…. gotta lean in and hear it… nature, thunder or rain, but, maybe its like a beautiful quiet landscape… all from God.  but, then the whisper need to turn to a shout.  do not worry about what one needs to say, it will be from the Lord… and thru You, He will speak.  He will give me the words…  doesn’t matte matter where.  Get the Word out.  That’s our first job, our 2nd one is being a dentist or lawyer… but, a warning… wwhoever acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge… whoever forgets or disowns me, I will disown them…  this is from the Lord… better recognzie…  what I whisper in your ear, proclaim it on the rooftops…!

So, yeah, that was really good for me to hear… cause, my life is gonna require that i do that.  I’m gonna need to be prepared to know when to whisper and when to shout.

Bible study today was hectik.  I had the girls again with my 3 guys.  Jenny Kwon just started dating a guy in church… 7th grade… sheesh.  so, you know what I did… haha… yah.. we talkeda bout relationships and stuff and what not… and i challenged them to memorize psalm 23.  but, other than that, we chatted and played stupid hitting games with eachother.  Man, these little women are bad.  Oh well.  So, yeah, bible study wasn’t as focused as I would have liked it to be… but, i got something thru…i think… Lord, my God, I apologize for that one…

Kyong and Tammy just dropped by to say hi… they brought me some icecream… i wub those two girls.  so nice.  Tammy and Kyong are my heroes.  :)  I gave Kyong the smelly cabbage that i got her at the farmers market.  they are so kyoot.

So, I left for north lake to get some lunch… with the rest of the peeps… and then Su Won and Sue Beckam and I went to farmers marekt to pick up some food.  I spilled kimchee all over myself… dropped a bottle and my new green shirt got scarred….  whoops… but, kyong just took it from me and will dry clean it… how special.  :)  so, i got some good food, and then we headed back to tech.  dropped off su won and then proceeded to hunt for a good spot to chill with sue beckam… went to starbucks first… too busy, and then went to borders… where we got a talbe and proceeded to get to know eachother.  she was kinda nervous in teh beginning,… i could tel, but, we eventually opened things up and just got to talking…b ut, she was relaly tired…  so, i was concerned for her.  we talked about today, my bible study, relationships a little… and then we headed over to qdoba to split a burrito… it was really good… i think ill head back sometime.  :)  and we talked some more.  just general stuff, family, background, history, and what not…  and then, we headed over to ferst theatre.  we sat outside the theatre in her car, cause it was mad cold outside, and just talked about stuff… just before we went in to see Aeros she asked me…  ‘do you think you know me better now…?  now that we’ve spent the last 4 hours together…?’ and i was like…  ‘actually, no.. i know more about your past and history and family, but not really more about you’… and she agreeed… kinda funnie.  so we went it and saw Aeros, which, in my opinion, wasn’t as great as I thought it would be, but i did see some tight flares…  but, that was about it… good music and good moves… but, rather strange.  all God’s glory tho…  so, it was pretty good.  it was a well spent evening i thought.  at the intermission, we got to talking about this outing and how if it was weird that i asked her to come out… and we just clicked on the idea about relationships and just knowing that we are just like siblings… nothing serious.  … we talkeda bout korean americans as compared to mainland koreans… and how we have intimacy issues…. haha… but, its true…  so, we left after that and headed back to my dorm, we prayed before she left and that was really tight.. just hearing her pray.  i really enjoy hearing others pray for some reason… i just get a kick out of how others talk to You GOd… and that was really cool.  seh was open and honest and that was neat.  i had my go ahead and just talked about hte evenign… it was great.  so, that concluded that eventful evening.  i called her around 11, to make sure she was still awake…and thanked her again.

there is something just special about spending time with a christian woman… where there are no strings attached.  i absolutely am fond of that…  those are the kinds of experiences that I enjoy… quality time with a woman of God.  what a deal.

So, now im just chilling…  i’ve talked with sarah lee…im having dinner at her place with her father friday….


and then talking at her service at 10 that day and then sunday as well.  This could be good God, and I’m mad thankful for this opportunity… but, i’m very nervous…  and, uh, they speak in mostly korean… so.. eh… crap…  God just give me strength.  God, and thank You SOOOOO MUCH for Sarah Lee… man, she’s awesome.  What a great sister i never thought I had…  I mean, I don’t even know her that well…

So, yeah, i guess that’s what is going down friday…

Got a lunch date with angie… whom i don’t know very well at all… tuesday… that should be interesting…

And, uh, that’s about it I guess…  I had the first truly religious oriented convo with Doug Johnson…  Interesting how I just started to pray about Doug and he comes up and IM’s me this…

DeusRegnat (11:16:10 PM): just talking to a friend from high school about religous stuff, and you popped up in my mind
jleekun (11:16:18 PM): cool.
jleekun (11:16:22 PM): so what are you guys talking about?
jleekun (11:16:26 PM): you know what. i was thinking.
jleekun (11:16:31 PM): you should come to my church sometime.
jleekun (11:16:36 PM): that would be cool.
jleekun (11:16:48 PM): meet some of the nice asian korean people.
DeusRegnat (11:16:50 PM): i was so close to going to atlanta church of christ this morning
DeusRegnat (11:16:51 PM): haha
DeusRegnat (11:16:55 PM): fo sho
jleekun (11:17:07 PM): forget alma.  you need a christian korean women.
DeusRegnat (11:17:19 PM): haha, i haven’t talked to her in awhile
DeusRegnat (11:17:41 PM): i just need some good role models right now to get me on the right track again
jleekun (11:18:08 PM): i see.
jleekun (11:18:11 PM): what’s been going on man.
jleekun (11:18:27 PM): need a readjustment,.  that’s all.
DeusRegnat (11:19:11 PM): i just feel i’ve been to busy and i can’t even find time to do stuff that i want
jleekun (11:24:56 PM): yah
jleekun (11:24:57 PM): true treu
DeusRegnat (11:25:15 PM): church this sunday?
DeusRegnat (11:27:16 PM): well, i’m off to bed, the working boy must wake up early
DeusRegnat (11:27:20 PM): but i’ll ttyl
jleekun (11:28:54 PM): aight

Auto response from DeusRegnat (11:28:54 PM): sleeping and then working; have a good day at school kids

jleekun (11:28:55 PM): peace.
jleekun (11:28:56 PM): dogg.

And, uh, yeah, im headed to bed… ne…

God, this week has been awesome… this weekend has been incredible… Lord, what would You have me do…