We’ve Got a New Hire!

I shared the exciting news early this morning in our community platform and I wanted to capture this important moment in our small startup’s story!

I shared the news yesterday in our late-night #yenizen hangout:


Here’s the text:

Big news…! I shared this last night, but, we just made a new hire for the YEN TEEAM! Agata Bergstrom will be joining us starting next week! She’s a talented software engineer and we’re excited to have her help!

Our big goals as a business and project is to successfully rewrite our small (but working!) proof-of-concept into a strong, formidable, and scalable product! Getting back to feature parity is obvious… but now we’ll be able to start adding some of the more unique features that will make our platform shine!

Grateful for your feedback as we iterate toward’s something exceedingly meaningful for founders and project creators… helping them solve their early-stage community building challenges!

I really couldn’t be more excited and I’m so glad that she said “YES!” I’m particularly proud that we’ve added someone who doesn’t look (or think) like us! Diversity of thought is incredibly-important for us as a culture and business but it does take a level of intentionality that most startup founders aren’t willing (or interested) in working on.

For instance, as I’ve mentioned many times before, I interview folks every week to keep my skills sharp and to keep the “pipeline” fresh and open.

In addition to this, I also made the intentional decision to only interview women and PoC (People of Color). This requires a bit more work on my end, but, it’s always worth the effort.


[Originally posted on Indie Hackers.]