All About the Leaders

I’m digging this reflection post via Meredith Perry – she’s got a number of great thoughts on how to lead, how to run a business, and how to have a life.


I loved the particular quote about leadership and the CEO in terms of hiring:

As CEO, you’re a big part of the package.  Your hires need to believe in you as much as they believe in the company.

When I was building my first few companies many years ago I thought that people should join the team because of the “amazing” mission that we we’re tempting to embark on and that the best hires were ones that were “in love” with the mountains we were climbing.

This was nice and I had the right intentions and heart, but I was sorely missing the more important value propositions and, namely, it meant I could get away with not being the very best version of myself for my team and staff and partners.

I didn’t realize, essentially, how important my own character and my own integrity was to the picture of organizational health. Most of those earlier companies didn’t turn out so well (because of me) and I’ve since learned a thing or two about the significance of quality leadership.

When it’s there, it’s there; when it’s not, well…