Declaring Victory on Alpha 1

This past week we celebrated a neat internal victory with getting to “Code Complete” status with our Alpha 1 release. The last few weeks, especially, have flown by as we’ve been digging in and cranking on product.

We’ve also spent a bit of time sprucing up the copy of the landing page as well as our onboarding system for our early testers as well as creating a simple “Onboarding Document” for guidance.

Jeff declares “victory” on Alpha 1.

From here we’ll continue to connect with excited and eager early-adopters and schedule in times to ramp them up and get them spinning on the new system. Again, if you’re interested, we’ve still got a little room for a few more testers – we’d love to have you!

Finally, as we move farther into this holiday season I’m just reminded about how grateful I am to be working on something that’s going to prove valuable to a ton of people.

And, even more so, I’m grateful to be working with two great partners, Jeff and Nolan, who have a wealth of experience between them and are now liberally applying it to this new project. Much like you, I’m always in the mood for learning from other high-performers and they are no exception.

AndIf you missed Jeff’s announcement post about his involvement you can read it here:

View at

I hope you’re also moving the ball forward with your own projects and the things that you’re working on and, if you need any help or perspective, feel free to ping us at any time.

Let’s all finish the year out strong, shall we?