Alpha Test: Basic Social


Yup. It’s that time!

Another Alpha Test is coming your way folks! Please review this post if you need a refresher on “unit testing” and this post on giving good feedback. Those same posts for installation, resetting, etc.

I’ll be sending out the version via Kickstarter shortly…

Please review just the following for Uservoice feedback – assume that the rest is broken:

  • Post image that you take (not from camera roll) to social network. Crop, blurring, and anything else in the photo experience is broken.
  • Posting image to WordPress. You should be able to validate a self-hosted site and post.
  • Explore button
  • Search by users and hashtags
  • Post comment to image
  • Like an image
  • Review list of likers
  • My profile, edit profile (you can’t add info to bio yet but you should be able to get to the screen).
  • Login via email using any credentials.

Thanks friends!

As you can see, someone has already tested the ability to post to WordPress:

Hey, it works!
Hey, it works!

That’s kinda cool.


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