Building an Alpha Test Group

If you’ve been following us on Twitter (and if you’re not, then, jump on it!) then you may have already seen a few tweets about getting a few folks to start testing out our prototype.

So far we’ve got a handful of folks who have been more than willing to give it a go and we’re still looking for a few brave souls to enter into the fray! Just fill out a very quick form and we’ll start a conversation!

I’m particularly excited about this next stage in the product development lifecycle because we’ll start getting real feedback about a real product instead of it all being stuck in our own heads.

In other words, there’s just nothing more useful than having a few willing and eager folks test-drive something in the wild. It’s also a very scary proposition, if I’m to be honest, but it’s a necessary part of assessing if we really have something that people want to use.

From here, we’ll engage with this small group in candid feedback loops and take a copious amount of notes. Our goal is to just observe and listen to the comments, questions, and concerns and then take that data back and either refine our concept or iterate to something a bit more closer to their needs.

Of course, we’ll share what we find along the way and keep you posted on our progress. Our hope is to have something into the hands of these first brave testers in a few weeks time. Onward and upward!