Alpha Test: Code Name “Soldier”

Photo Credit: Mechanekton

Photo Credit: Mechanekton

I gave this Alpha Test a codename because I thought that would be cool. I was inspired by my Uncle (see below).

Tactically though, this release is all about “fixes” to obvious issues that have been brought up on Uservoice and that I was aware of that aren’t quite yet complete.

You should get a copy via Kickstarter message soon – please see below for some of the top-level items for this larger Alpha:

  • Blog fixes
  • Add/edit user avatar
  • Share another image
  • Delete own image
  • Copy URL
  • Progress bar(spinner when you refresh screen)
  • Settings(without saving original images and notifications)
  • Share settings
  • Change current password
  • Updates tabs-following/news
  • Design fixes
  • Login fixes

Thanks friends!

I’ve been in Florida this past week and this weekend visiting my Uncle who’s retiring from the military after 30 years of service. Ex-Spec-Ops guy, had the highest level of security clearance.

He’s some amazing stories. He’s lived a full life. Sometimes that’s all we can hope for.