Re-engineering the Performance Review

If you’re like me then performance reviews have, historically, been terribly-managed mechanisms and the tooling around them has been even worse.

Well, actually, what’s even worse have been the attempts of the leadership teams to implement a system that actually works in the way that everyone hopes that they’d work: That people would feel valued and challenged to grow, in that order.

That’s why I’m digging pretty hard this article via First Round about how the CEO of AltSchool re-engineered his performance review systems for maximum impact and effect, even considering something as short as a week (as opposed to the dreaded year-based system):

Your goal, then, is to find a frequency that is practical and suited to your company’s culture — something between a year and a week.

This post is worth a bookmark, for sure. The goal?

Done right, performance reviews should help support every employee’s ambitions for growth.

Which, again, makes them feel valued for what they are putting in and the company, as a result, gets even more value. A true win-win.