It’s You. Always You.

People are the solution that drive innovation, that drive peak performance, that allow the things that were once thought impossible to now be possible.

But we also can get grossly in the way making the very things that were once possible, impossible.

via Dilbert

via Dilbert

This doesn’t just happen in business, this happens relationally as well. I think we all know what that’s like.

My career has been entirely predicated on great people giving me a shot at doing great things. Sure, I’ve picked up a few things here and there and along the way, but those skills and experiences were never enough for the new challenges that were to come (or that were at hand).

I was never fully prepared, never ready, and really quite naive at most turns. Bravado, arrogance, and ignorance fill a lot of the gaps historically.

What’s different now is that I see it more plainly than I ever have been. And, I’m not afraid to admit it. We are all scared shitless. Especially here, in the technological center of the universe where the world’s eyes gaze anxiously for the next “big” thing, the pressure has never been greater.

And, the delusion and self-deception grows just as proportionately. Young men and women, boys and girls essentially, are given immense amounts of money to build mythical empires; and yet, they have not quite lived long enough to learn how to be an adult.

You see, the biggest obstacle to our own success (and our most important stakeholders) will always be us. Our salvation? If we can put aside ourselves and our pride and our ego just long enough to admit that we need help, that we don’t have it all figured out, and that we desperately need real and authentic relationships; we need friends.

We need healthier people to lead us into the future and to get their we need healthier relationships. It starts with you. It was always you.