Write Like an Amazonian

Saw this via Twitter:

Really good reminders.

Very useful for a ton of different types of writing! Including writing pitch decks, emails, notes to venture capitalists or even the way that you communicate in your 1-on-1’s or team meetings — writing clearly and concisely is really, really hard and takes a lot of practice. Applying these conventions could level-up your communication.

Use less than 30 words per sentence:

  • Due to the fact that 👉🏻 because
  • Totally lacked the ability to 👉🏻 could not

Replace adjectives with data:

  • We made the performance much faster 👉🏻 We reduced server side latency from 10ms to 1ms

Eliminate weasel words:

  • Nearly all customers 👉🏻 87% of Prime members
  • Significantly better 👉🏻 25% basis points

Does your writing pass the “so what” test?

  • It better!

If you get a question, reply with one of the four Amazon answers:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. A Number
  4. I don’t know and will follow up when I do