Strategically Analyzing Your Weekly Traffic and Statistics

This past week was crazy with a major conference here in Atlanta that I was seriously tied up with! But, I was able to survive Week #3 as a Full Time Blogger!

It was great though since I was able to help launch the conferences live streaming property, BETA test a new WordPress Theme for live streaming, as well as put the pressure on a analytics package that tracks real time statistics to see if it could hold up (it did). I even had time to launch a new startup and product while I was at it!

I had the pleasure of hanging out at a few dinners, a bloggers meetup, and even a tweetup!


But you know what was the best thing?

My Team Rocks a 'Godfather' pose.

It was hanging out with some of you (and one of my teams)!

I met a few TentBloggers as well as long-time internet friends. That was something special! I seriously can’t get enough of that.

As a result of all that interaction I spent less time blogging (and working) and as a result the traffic took a dip. I’m fine with that and it makes complete sense.

Instead of showing you some screenshots I thought it would be more strategic to show you a video of them and give you some strategy behind what I do!

Don’t worry, we’re going to walk through more in depth on some of the things that I do to gain more momentum for a growing blog.

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts and/or questions as it relates to reviewing statistics!

[tentblogger-vimeo 15706949]

Of course, you can take a look at Week #1 here and Week #2 here.

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