Introducing: Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason‘s work has already been made available when he started taking over the editing, production, and the overall narrative for our daily vlog.

But perhaps most-important is the fact that Andrew has been my friend for 10+ years and there are few people more qualified to craft the story of our journey than him—in fact, I’m not sure there’s anyone else that could really do it!

Consequently, we started a conversation last year about bringing his skills and talents to the team and we couldn’t wait to figure out a way to work together!

As things typically happen, the “timing” of our work together for another season had a few starts and stops, but, when you become friends with people like Andrew you just know that it’s not about “if” but “when”!

Shortly after finishing the first month of the vlog I realized that I desperately needed those 3-4 hours that I’d spend daily on editing and production—I simply needed more margin for other operational tasks.

Asking Andrew to come fill the gap has been one of the most-leveraged decision I’ve made this year and my life is objectively better with him on the team.

[This is obvious, but, when you find amazing people to work with you must keep them close.]

Consequently, I asked him to put together a small intro video and he, of course, obliged:

Andrew also does work for David Allen (GTD Guy!)

As I’ve mentioned, he’s been my visual & audio communicator for quite some time! I went fishing for some of our old work together and I found one that he did for a successful Kickstarter Project nearly 7 years ago:

This project ultimately failed.

A few other pieces (and quotes) from history:

Andrew observes the ordered-chaos and then manages to make them look like they are not actual problems but features, which in most cases they are.

via Dec 1, 2010

Andrew has a history of just being in the “right spot” at the “right time” — this is a good career strategy, for sure:

A great example of this is when energy started to form around the idea for an 8BIT Network podcast. I told the team “It’s only a good idea if we have someone who has the skill to implement and a drive to do it.” Andrew, whose voice is often compared to tepid butter, totally fit the bill. Then Tom got jazzed about it and so we were all in. Launching a podcast made sense.

via Nov, 2010

It is crazy to think that Andrew and I had been experimenting with podcasting back in 2010!

Andrew has seen more than most of my personal and professional life and is uniquely positioned to craft our unique story of building a venture-backed startup here in Silicon Valley.

I’m so grateful for his help but even more grateful for his commitment to me as a friend—I’m not the easiest to get along with but, for whatever reason, we just like each other to not quit.

Sometimes, that’s everything.

Welcome (back) to my so-called “startup life” Andrew! So glad to be able to do this one with a familiar face!