Andrew Mason

The most poignant and memorable moment that I’ve ever had with Andrew was when we sat in my car before walking into a bar and restaurant in Duluth, GA—we were moments away from a pre-party for a much larger conference and event.

At the time we were probably a year-or-so in to our growing relationship; what started as a volunteer role grew into a professional relationship in my first venture-backed startup (we raised $25k). I called it 8BIT.

In that car (I believe it was my old Honda Civic) I can remember encouraging him to continue to pursue the “media stuff” because he was so naturally great at it.

I mean, look! He’s been doing this “video” thing for a while:

We took some really stupid photos, which, I’ll share with you now:

Andrew and I have seen things and we’re still here. So grateful to call him a friend and, once again, a professional colleague.

Let’s go have some more fun, shall we?