Andrew Short and Neuroplasticity

Mental health is a big issue and concern of mine, not just for myself but for all those whom I work with and for. And, I’m glad that it’s become a bigger part of the conversation in the professional world as more people realize that it’s as important as any other type of “health” out there.

And, I’m increasingly encouraged with the continued scientific progress and growth in areas related to the brain and our ability to overcome obstacles that were once thought impossible. How quickly we can discount ourselves and others when we believe faulty science (or out-of-date perspectives).

The story of Andrew Short is very encouraging:




You see, I have to believe, especially for myself, that the brain is malleable, that it’s fundamentally fluid, that it can (and will) still learn to do things differently, even though it might be incredibly difficult.

In fact, I’ve seen this in my own life, especially after being married to an amazingly-patient woman who’s helped me overcome a lot of my own challenges through the daily exercise of change in my life. She’s the greatest motivation that I have to become the best person that I can be.

Full video here: