Yes, that’s a picture of my foot (with my super-cool Marvel-centric superhero pajamas!).

I twisted it badly on a hike with the kids through the canyon yesterday and I woke up with it feeling like it was 3 times the size. A consistent dose of motrin and rest is in order.

But, my mobility is greatly reduced and it hurts badly; waking up to this has reminded me how fragile my body is becoming as I get older. The twist (or slight fall) wasn’t that bad… but it felt particularly bad as if the threshold for my physical ability to manage these types of things has been reduced.

I hate to admit it, but… these things are going to get more difficult for me as time passes. My ankles have always been difficult and I’ve had many issues with them throughout my life, especially after years of playing soccer. They are in just bad condition to begin with.

I want to appreciate my own relative health as it is and for what it is, always. This has been a very good reminder to appreciate fullness of health when I have it because it won’t be like this forever.

And my ankles… they are going to end me, I swear.


But hey, we had a great time in the canyon, per usual.

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