Still Room for Improvement for App Analytics



Yesterday I posted that I had seen over 4,000 updates for v1.4.1 on the day of launch, which is great, and I saw this morning that another 3,000 people updated yesterday.


What’s fascinating is that I don’t actually have that many customers in total… so… what… happened… and where did this figure come from?

Curious… and I don’t have any obvious explanation for it.

I know that people have already “cracked” the app and are distributing it freely on warez sites and stuff like that, which I think is lame (but that’s the internet folks!), but they wouldn’t be able to update the app via the Mac App Store.

The statistics and metrics available to developers of all sizes still has room for optimization and improvement. How can we build our very best products when we aren’t given accurate information about usage, behavior, and even such things as downloads and updates?

Ugh. I’ll be reconfiguring some of these tools this year I think. I’ve given Paddle a go and I’m looking at others as well. I just wish App Analytics was available to Mac Apps, not just iOS.


Please, oh please, come to Mac Apps…!