The Apple App Store

The Apple App Store is now 10 years old and, for many of us, we can’t imagine life without it.

For me, being part of the much smaller population that has fully participated in all that the App Store has to offer (e.g. launching apps for download and sale into it) I couldn’t be more grateful for what Apple has done in this department.

Being part of the larger mobile revolution (or evolution…?) has transformed my thinking permanently in regards to business-building, product design and development, customer support and even sales and marketing.

And, having access to a global audience has been incredibly rewarding and has resulted in some pretty decent results. The App Store is now a big part of my story and I’m, again, so grateful for it.

9to5Mac has a great post on the design evolution of the store and some of the apps that launched with the introduction of the store (and their evolution as well). Here are some of the shots:

So neat to see how things have changed and, of course, how things have stayed the same. And, it’s interesting to note how some of the original designs were, in my humble opinion, the best design iteration of the product and how some of them got progressively worse.

Unsure if that says more about me than the app itself…

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