You’ll Appreciate This Later…

So much of parenting is providing opportunities to learn new skills and expose them to things that they’ve never been exposed to. In fact, this is really our Hack School philosophy as well as our goal is to simply provide opportunities for our oldest to encounter new things to their fullest.

This is why we do small yet significant things like field trips to local radio stations:

She gets to experience something new, ask really good questions, and see what grownups do for “work” and how they make money. She asked a really good question to one of the radio employees:

How did you get in radio?

And he told his story, which was pretty powerful, of how he got started in the business and how he decided to take a “pay cut” to work in this local non-profit station. This, of course, created a big opportunity for n important conversation around what it meant to earn less for something that you really like to do.

Naturally, we as grownups still struggle with these options and opportunities: Do I take the less paying gig to do something I’m more passionate about? Unfortunately life isn’t built in a way where we can get paid beaucoup money for things that we love to do all the time.

But, it’s our jobs as parents to create these opportunities to encounter new things and learn. Sometimes it’s not always enjoyable in the moment either, as our four year old is quickly experiencing:


We’ve tasked her to learn to type because it’s an obvious life-long skill that she’ll super-appreciate much later in life. Actually, that’s a lie, as my 8 year old already appreciates the fact that she knows how to type comprehensively already as she writes and chats with other Minecraft players!

But, in the moment, Arden’s attitude is pretty sad:


This is what I’d love to see, at the bare minimum… although it’s mostly like this:


It is pretty fun to see her succeed and get that “star” when she is able to get a higher Words per Minute count!

5 times, “Home Row!”

LOL. Again, she’ll appreciate this much later…