Arden: Think Different

In January 2012 there appeared in my RSS reader a post about a creative design team that had been so inspired by Steve Jobs that they had put together a poster to celebrate the 1997 Apple advertising campaign, Think Different.

As I shared, it took me less than a few seconds to hit that “Buy” button and then I waited very patiently to receive my limited edition copy.

I’m glad I did as I believe that Apple, directly, requested that the team take down the campaign. If my memory serves me right, the team complied with Apple’s request and also donated the proceeds to a charity.

My poster now sits in my bathroom, a daily reminder and source of inspiration as I get ready for the day.

And, at night, it’s also the same spot where my 5-year old, Arden, gets her teeth brushed. I had no idea that she was silently memorizing the poster and a few weeks ago she surprised me by reciting it by heart.

I could have been more proud. Yesterday, I grabbed her and captured her on video – she even did a small intro.

That’s my girl. I love her, I love Apple products, and I love being a small indie Mac developer (working on version 3.0 of Desk).