10 Definitive Ways to Know if You are a TentBlogger!

Although I’ve spent time detailing out here on the Definition of a TentBlogger and Digital Tentmakers I thought it would be nice to easily list out some characteristics of a TentBlogger specifically as well as some ways for you to know if you are one of us!

In fact, what many people have already realized is that they are already TentBloggers within their own right but have never called themselves that explicitly.

Well, here’s your chance! Here are 10 definitive ways to know that you are Digital Tentmaker and TentBlogger:

You Know that You’re a TentBlogger If…

  1. You’re a blogger who is not yet a Professional Blogger but one who is on their way! You aspire to do more with your blog and are dreaming big!
  2. Your blog generates revenue directly, through direct sales, affiliate marketing, or many of the other ways that bloggers make money.
  3. Your blog has landed you a consulting job or a contract (freelance) job because it promoted your brand and your services.
  4. You promote things you love and people see you as a credible and trustworthy source of information! People believe in what you have to say.
  5. You’re a blogger who is bi-vocational in every single sense of the word.
  6. You write books for a living (or on the side) and use your blog to promote them.
  7. Your blog has given you leverage and established relationships that you would never have been able to build otherwise and these relationships have potential for new projects, new relationships, and potentially new work! Ultimately, your blog has opened the door to new opportunities!
  8. You’ve found significant opportunity to extend your platform and personal brand as a leader through your blog and the content that you write. People listen to you and would follow you.
  9. Your blog has challenged your thinking as it pertains to the use of web technology (specifically blogs!) for building brand, businesses, and personal platforms, and you’ve done something about it!
  10. The definition, paradigm, idea, and the growing movement of Digital Tentmaking just makes sense to you. You are most definitely a TentBlogger!

Many people I know are TentBloggers, they just don’t know it yet.

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