Art Before Commerce

One of my favorite comics of all time is Calvin & Hobbes and over the years I have posted a handful of times here on my blog about them (like here, here, herehere, and here, and here, here)… wow, that’s a handful of posts (and some of them are epic wallpapers)!

This beautiful overview describing Watterson’s decision to put art before commerce is fundamental and has captured my heart over the last few days:

I am an artist, in my own particular way, just as many of you are artists as well. Many of us do not necessarily “fit” the many stereotypes of what artists are (or what they do) but we know, in our hearts, that we were born and destined to create brilliant and important things.

The many bystanders and observers of our work, our craft, our art reap the natural benefits of being informed, enlightened, and inspired. But, we never did it for their applause or for them specifically, just like how I write daily for myself and for no one else.

It was always about art and then it became commerce later, sometimes to the detriment of the art itself and then in some instances they collaborated well together.

I’m not saying that one is better than the other or that one model is more effective – I think the point is that we continue to build, continue to create, continue to travel forward.

Just as my post here aptly covered, it’s about the discovery process and that most of us will find out where we were headed, all along, when we get there. This is actually great comfort to me because it gives value and priority to the journey and makes it vastly more important than discrete goal setting for one’s life.

Good luck my friends, I’ll see you there.