ASD? Test Software.

This is sad:

More than 50,000 Americans with autism become adults each year, but more than 80 percent of them are unemployed.

80% unemployment is too dang high… although, since ASD is a spectrum disorder there are many who are not literally able to work.

I do like what MindSpark is apparently doing for those that can work:

The company is hiring autistic adults to test enterprise software and find bugs, and these employees are now testing software for Fortune 500 brands, from Fox Networks Group to Liberty Mutual. … In turn, talented autistic adults can gain meaningful careers in the technology industry with competitive wages, opportunities for advancement, and — most importantly — true independence and self-sufficiency.

Pretty neat. I hope more companies create programs like this to serve a community that needs the work and that could contribute very effectively to the companies that employ them.

It won’t be easy and it definitely requires an open mind (and a bunch of education) but it can be done.