Aspie Comic

Hah. I loved this. More of the goods here.

One of the best compliments that I get is when people (ignorantly) tell me:

Wow, I would have never thought you were autistic! You’re so normal!

Somewhat of a back-handed compliment, but I understand that they don’t really get it and I appreciate it. I have worked hard over the many year with therapy and counseling and a ton of practice to function in a normal way so that I can be productive and generally get stuff done. I’ve mentioned this before but the intent was, in many ways, an attempt to just be tolerable enough to work and live with.

Comedy has been an interesting thing that I’ve learned over the years. My therapist once told me that if I could learn to laugh more often than it would cover a multitude of sin. I’ve thought heavily about that ever since and have attempted to learn a bit more humor over time.

It doesn’t land often (my wife cringes when she’s in the same room) but I think that I’ve learned and picked up a thing or two here and there as I’ve practiced. There are times, especially when public speaking, when I try to remove most of it. The problem is that when I’m nervous it just comes out and it’s now time for “recovery mode” (although oftentimes that’s almost never possible).

I’ll never be a comic but at least I’ll have fun trying to add a bit more humor in my daily flow.