#AskTheIndie Show: Episode 1


I am excited to share with you the very first #AskTheIndie Show where I simply answer your questions about what it’s like building and maintaining an indie app (and everything else in between).

Of course, you can always ask me a question via Twitter (use the hashtag!) and I’ll capture that for the next recording and episode! Thanks so much for your questions in the past two weeks and keep sending them my way!

Since this is the first episode it means that I’m still very much experimenting with this medium (as I share originally here). I’ll try to get this onto iTunes if I have time and bandwidth and try a number of things

Finally, if you have any thoughts on how I can improve, I’m all ears! I created a thread here a while ago to get your feedback.

Here you go:

You can also listen to it via Soundcloud (and there’s a download link there as well):

And I’m going to try to get it on iTunes (I got it up! Check it out here!) as well… when I have the time!


I’d love to know your thoughts and how I might improve it!