Atrium Scale

Our team has a neat opportunity to spend a little bit of time with a few other startup founders who are leading companies that may be (almost) ready to raise their Series A financing round via Atrium Scale.

My company, YEN, is in that ballpark (whatever the “ballpark” really is…) and after applying we got word that we were accepted:

I believe I applied 2 if not 3 times, so, if you don’t get chosen then it’s worth trying again — we either weren’t a good match for the program at the time or some other reason (which I’m not entirely sure about).

Here’s a good overview of what you might expect:

The point is that it’s worth applying more than once so don’t get discouraged! And, if your startup is anything like my startup then every few months the business evolves into something entirely different so your application should change, at least in substance.

My job as CEO is to ensure that our company has enough money to get to the next major milestone — it’s as simple (or as difficult…) as that.

Honestly, I relish this role a bit as I love providing my team the resources to get shit done! It’s incredibly satisfying to provide for people that you care about deeply.

And I’ll take any help that I can get! Including services that allow me to network and connect with experienced investors and operators.