Audentes fortuna iuvat.

Fortune favors the brave. I went ahead and finished my Kickstarter project from soup to nuts, save the video. I didn’t sleep a wink.

The pressure to make it work Рto put yourself out there on a limb and see if anyone really likes your idea is incredibly exciting and at the same time very, very scary.

I’ve never felt so anxious about a “reveal” of a side project; this one takes the cake. I spent last night chatting with my wife and she was just as excited and anxious:

You’ve never really tested the quality of your relationships like this – never asked them to support you in this way, right?

She’s right. There’s something crazy-humbling about asking for your friends to back you financially, even if it’s for just a few dollars. Sure, it’s not make-it or break-it as I’ll continue to plod along, but it would change things like whoa – faster (more) development and more freedom to just build and create.

My pride would suffer a bit if we didn’t make it but that can be recovered.

I’ll announce the project this week I hope. Just have to finish that video.