August 2011 Financial Dashboard

I’ve finally been able to post and share with the community my financial dashboard for August 2011.

In the 10 minute video I share the main sources of income for that month as well as what those figures actually are. I share some thoughts on what occurred that month as well as what I hope to this month and some of the areas of improvement.

Heck, I even busted out a very makeshift whiteboard to showcase those figures! I’ve never done that but it was fun, albeit frustrating, to get fixed up in a way that worked:

You should have seen the setup – it was super ghetto!

It’s all I could do in my very limited office area that’s still being actively put together.

In any case, if you’d like to check out the entire video then you’ll have to head over to the Community Forums.

If you don’t have an account you’ll have to get one, and to be honest, I think these monthly financial dashboards are worth the price of admission – I can remember when I first started blogging seriously and earning some money how I would have loved for someone to come along and share financial figures as candidly as I hope to do with you guys.

It would have accelerated my pace of earning potential a lot! Hope to see you in there!

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