Moving to Austin


I shared on my personal blog a week or so ago that I’m moving my family to Austin, TX. I’m very excited about this move and it’s going to be a breath of fresh air for me in too many ways to count.

One of the things I am interested in doing is getting together with more indie developers in the local area (and writers / bloggers). It would be super-cool to put together a local meetup (I see this indie game one) or even an event, like Side Project Society.

I think it’s fascinating that one of the first things that I’m motivated to do when I land is to connect with like-minded folks locally. I think that many of us do not do this often enough.

This ever-increasing online and internet existence of mine is making me want to spend more time offline. And, I’ve been on a pretty big kick of rejecting all forms of social media and life has gotten much better as a result.

Naturally, this means that my “social engagement” needs to come in a few different forms than the ones offered online. Thus, it makes sense that I’m looking for a few in-the-flesh environments and gatherings.

I hope you’re doing the same thing where you are – that you’re getting involved locally with other great people and creating the necessary components of encouragement and accountability that make indie development possible.

The simple fact is that it can be exceptionally lonely doing this type of stuff. Reducing that loneliness is paramount. Get some help, build some relationships, make a few (new) friends.