5 Thoughts on How Authenticity Powers Your Blog

Authentic Cane Sugar Root Beer

There’s really nothing like the real thing, right?

That root beer that I’m holding was delicious. It was made with real cane sugar, which for those who know, tastes a 1,000 times better than whatever they put in most carbonated beverages.

It felt, tasted, and solicited feelings of authenticity, and I know that the same feelings can be translated and communicated through a blog, especially when they are done well.

This weekend was a great example of it and was the genesis of this post. I’ve met some incredibly authentic people and I’ve been thinking about how that impacts the speed and growth of a new blog.

Here’s a few thoughts that I’ve been able to collect:

  1. You just know when you meet someone who is genuine and authentic in who they are and what they are saying. The result is instant rapport, respect, and delight.
  2. Being authentic requires a lot of humility to accept who you are and then be able to rejoice in it. You’ve met people who simply appear to be “free” of all the labels, hype, and categories that can typically muddy their character.
  3. They love what they do and want to share it with you.
  4. They love what you do and care to listen to your story.
  5. They aren’t perfect; they’re open and honest about their failures but do not appear to be necessarily defined by them.

These people were real. I wanted to be their friend and I felt equally interested in sharing with them my life as well as being engaged in theirs.

I think these 5 thoughts are valuable for any new blogger to think about as they begin to work on their craft. It ultimately gathers new followers, increases traffic, and is generally a much more fun experience for everyone!

But be aware: I generally do feel that “authenticity” and “transparency” are false constructs because to be 100% authentic and transparent is ugly and no one can handle that. Authenticity and transparency, in it’s true form, are uncomfortable – grossly so. What we’re really talking about is trust.

How have you seen authenticity impact your blog and community? What have you seen work?

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