Authors and Their Writing Tools

I love writing and I am fascinated by the tools that other writers use to get their work done. Whether this is an actual device and tool or a methodology and strategy for execution I study them all in an effort to glean a bit for my own use.

Many of the writers of our contemporary time find their instruments in digital form, writing applications that help them to capture thoughts and bring them to life. Of course, I’m building my own as well in an effort to create the best solution for my own needs – and I hope it’ll provide a lot of value for others as well.

A friend of mine stumbled upon this interesting and short infographic on famous authors and their writing instruments – I was not surprised to see how many of them just used paper and pen:


I think it is a reminder that writing great work does not require advanced tools – just a working mind and some base instruments for capture. It has reminded me that many of the tools we have today seek to complicate the writing process – you should avoid those with all abandon.

How often we crowd ourselves into thinking that if we use this and that tool that it’ll help facilitate greater expression and help increase levels of productivity. I think we have fooled ourselves too often and many of us need to go back to the basics.

Writing isn’t easy; it never has been and it never will be. No tool will ever remove the friction between the mind and the hands that need to move.

Infographic via NinjaEssays