Avoid the Superficial

I love the most recent episode called “Hack Away the Unessentials” via the Bruce Lee Podcast. I love this thought:

Avoid the superficial, penetrate the complex, go to the heart of the problem, and pinpoint the key factors.

So true.

We can so quickly get off-track, we are so easily distracted that waking up and moving towards removing the essential instead of adding to it is incredibly difficult.

I also particularly like the beginning where we hear that Bruce spent a ton of time not just studying the fundamentals and the theory of combat but also an intense focus onĀ what really, actually works.

I think this principle can be so broadly applies to so many things in our lives. We have our heads full of theory and things that we may get through our studies in school and a plethora of blog posts online when in actuality there are just a few things that actually work.

When it comes down to it we must learn to practice the principles and apply the fundamentals broadly. We spend so much time in our heads when we could be testing our hypotheses liberally in real life.

I’m now a subscriber to this new podcast; big thanks to Jonathan Pereira for the link!