On Awards and Life Change

via Wiselike:

Did winning an award as an Indie App Developer changed your life in some way?

Here’s my answer:

LOL. Thanks for asking, I appreciate that!

Having Desk App win “Best Apps of the Year” for the 2014 was amazing. The feeling was difficult to describe and it certainly gave the little project that I had started a huge boost, not necessarily in sales but in credibility which, in the long-term, allowed to create more signal for sales later down the line.

Simply put, not everyone can say that their small app won that award! So it was very helpful in that way.

Winning it again for 2015 was mind-blowing but for another reason … and I was even more humbled that it was considered, let alone won a placement among all of those other great apps.

If I’m to be honest, I felt a bit embarrassed because in my own head it just didn’t pass the bar in comparison to the other stellar apps that were on the list. But, I totally appreciated the attention and, again, super-humbled.

Did any of this “change my life” in a fundamental way? No, it did not. But what it did do was allow me to pursue a long-term goal of building a specific product and to have that validated was a significant cherry on top.

You see, I hadn’t originally planned on releasing the product into the market – I had originally planned on keeping it to myself and just using it privately. Near the end of project as I was getting closer to finishing it I realized that it might be useful for others. It wasn’t a deep-level of inspiration, it was just a thought, an idea.

But it worked.

This confirmed a number of things for me that I think were important, the first is that there is always a market for simple, functional products. The size of that market might be small but that is besides the point.

Two, it reminded me that shipping a working product in to the hands of people made the product better. We will always seek to optimize for ourselves but we’re just a single case. Increase the size of the case population and you have an opportunity to build a much better product.

Thirdly, it reminded me that building products for myself (and companies) is where I’m best situated to create value for others and myself. I’m just a better founder than really anything else these days.

The last part is actually changing my life, now that I come to think about it…

Thanks for the question!

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