Bad Sign

I LOL’d:

via Dilbert

The reality is that most people and most software companies do not actually use the very product(s) that they build. And, if we are to be even more honest, if they do use them then they don’t actually love the experience.

This gap is not a bad thing… except when you realize that most of this feedback never actually gets to the product design and product development team.

It’s entirely okay to think that the product that your team makes isn’t very good or that it doesn’t quite fit one’s needs – the problem is that the team members keep these thoughts to themselves, perhaps because they are scared to voice their opinion in case of reprisal or because it’s just culturally unacceptable.

Obviously forcing your staff to use the product is a bad idea and sign too.

As a product builder myself, I don’t always fall in love with the very thing that I create – that takes time and many iterations. What I end up really loving, though, is the process by and through which we get there.

And that just takes a lot of patience, understanding, and a belief that we can, in fact, get there. Then the bad signs turn good.