Bad is Where You Start

When you start anything new you will immediately encounter the reality that you’re relatively terrible at it.

Now, I use the word “relative” because, like most things, your new level of skill is relatively “bad” when compared to others. But, this isn’t the point.

When you start something new you start poorly. But that’s how you have to start. You see, bad is where you start so that you can begin to not be bad.

This truth is wildly overlooked by most folks as there is this strangely naive belief that we can encounter something new and not completely suck at it.

I have even fallen for this ignorant belief structure, like when I started my year-long video project and believed, secretly at first, that I’d be half-way decent at it and that I wouldn’t have to necessarily start from the very beginning.

What I realized, the first time I started, was that I sucked and as a consequence of that (and many other things) I quit. But, a little bit later, I came back and now I’m nearing the final lap of my 365 day challenge.

And guess what… I still really, really suck at doing video. But, the results of my experiment have not been without fruit. In fact, the fruit of my video experiment have been a wild success.

One step at a time. Image via BOSSFIGHT.

Bad is where you start but that’s not where you need to end. What most folks also don’t realize is that the end-game rarely looks like what you had originally envisioned in your mind’s eye.

In other words, in my very limited sense and perspective I had hoped that from starting at “bad” I would eventually get to “good” and that “good” was defined as a nice subscriber count and some really nice viewing statistics.

This was too small a vision (but it’s all I had). Why? Because I don’t have any experience in video, formally-speaking, and my vantage was limited due to my lack of experience.

As I near the end of my year-long, 365-straight vlogging experience I do not have nearly the #’s that I had hoped that I would have. The growth, although good at the beginning, has tapered off to record lows.

But the real outcause has been beyond my wildest dreams! You see, in the last year I have challenged and encouraged many folks to try video and to try out vlogging.

Some have accepted the challenge while many (most) have not.

A great view of the action.

But, one person in particular did accept the challenge and took a shot at doing video and what started as a light and fun experiment has ballooned into a fast-growing enterprise.

And I have front-row tickets to his show. Actually, backstage passes if I’m to continue with this analogy. No, I can go farther… I have an exclusive, all-access vantage of what he’s doing and he’s invited me to participate in his exciting venture.

What seems, in isolation, as a relatively unsuccessful video project has evolved into something that I could never have imagined less than a year ago.

So, no… I’m not a popular vlogger and although I have learned a ton about film, storytelling, production, lighting, sound, and video engineering, I’m not even close to an expert in any of those departments.

But I helped someone I care about build not just a fast-growing YouTube Channel… I helped put together a thriving community and a revenue-generating business.

And it all started with bad.