Baggage and Next Seasons

When you have an opportunity to start over, like, really start over, it’s impossibly hard to not bring some of the old thoughts and ideas and behaviors along with you.

And some of those behaviors and perspectives are valuable but many others are not and it’s very difficult to know what to leave behind and what to keep.

The only way that you’ll know with any degree of certainty is if you talk with others that you trust about your transition. You ask the hard questions, like:

Hey, I think I’m bringing baggage with me to my next season of life… can you help me identify what to keep and what to really throw away?

It’s infinitely more elegant to write out that question here on this blog and a whole lot more messy when you try to do it IRL.

But the gist is there and it’s important to do it.

Blind spots are just that… they are blind spots and the really big ones exist and you have no idea that they exist. This is obvious and self-evident but there’s a lot of hubris in ourselves that secretly believe that we know about the blind spots anyway.

Only healthy relationships can help us identify what they truly are.

New and next seasons are good but not all baggage is.

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