The Bar Should Be High

I’m starting to spend more and more of my week interviewing folks for a few of the roles that we have open, especially this one at the moment and these are both fun and exhausting exercises.

I share a few thoughts on a recent vlog:

I also share that we we had someone on our team resign this past week, which is always hard medicine to swallow. It means, among a few things, that I failed at my primary job as the CEO, which is to hire and then retain the amazing talent that we qualified to join us in the very first place!

Losing someone means that we failed as an organization which is even more difficult to stomach since we’re hiring folks because we’re already failing as an organization to be able to operate effectively!

But, failure is exactly what a startup needs to be able to work through (and quickly) time and time and time again until we’re spending a little less time failing and more time just winning.

… or something like that.

But, I keep telling myself that the bar must be invariably-high when it comes to hiring (and not just at the early-stage!). We need the absolute best fits for who we are as a small tactical team so that we can survive to the next stage as a company.

It really is about survival, all-the-things, and only the teams that have the best folks on the proverbial bus are going to make it to the very end. And it’ll be a team effort; we either all make it or no one does.

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