‘Base’ Portfolio WordPress Theme Released


I’m happy to announce the release of a very simple portfolio theme into the wild.

It’s called “Base” because that’s really what it is, a foundation to build your portfolio as well as a foundation of code that you can customize to your liking.

It’s not too complicated nor overly packed with features, but it’ll do just fine for some simple stuff (and anything else you may want to use it for).

It just requires the latest version of Twitter Tools WordPress Plugin to run, and that’s it!

Ready? Download it after the jump…



It’s free to download and use. Whoopie!

I’ve also included a file to import and use so that you can see how I created some of the content in theme. The only thing really worth remembering is using the custom field “image” to insert a featured image.

I currently do not offer support for this theme.

Download Here.

This blog is no longer hosting the download link. Please visit TentBlogger WordPress Themes for the download!

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