My First Program

I had no idea that my parents had kept this!! I’m so grateful that they had found this and sent it to me… wow.

The first piece of “real” (as I called it at the time) software that I had built was a school programming assignment that challenged me to create an Adventure Game in BASIC.

My heart leapt at the chance because I had already fallen in love with the Choose Your Own Adventure book genre; I already designed a few of my own stories and adventures in my personal diary.

But here was an actual challenge… and something that I could share with the world!

It is the year 2001, the earth has been through great technological advances and discoveries. You are a treasure hunter lost in the huge jungle Congo in West Africa. You are looking for the lost civilization of Abu-Jábar.

via ASIJ

Apparently you can encounter “wild monkeys” that will either:

  1. Eat you…
  2. … or you escape (I guess)…

L(° O °L)

The “games” that I design and play now — as a much more mature adult — are a bit… bigger, if you will. But, at least the stakes aren’t as high; I’m not dodging flesh-eating monkeys, dying from disease, or starvation.

Although, I do forget to eat often.

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]