The Real Battle

This is truth:

I would hazard that most spouses are grateful to those patient, trusting souls who strap themselves in for the entrepreneur’s wild ride. But at times, we are also jealous. The entrepreneur spends endless hours away from home working on his company—and generally, he is not alone.

His partners and employees are with him, traveling to conferences, sweating over sales presentations into the wee hours. They take turns wheedling the pizza guy to make one more delivery even though the joint is officially closed and know which bars stay open until 2 a.m. so they can unwind together when the pressure’s finally off.

They can practically read one another’s minds. That’s not hard, because mostly they’re thinking about the same stuff.

The entrepreneur, having dragged himself home at last, tries to recall which of his daughter’s friends is sleeping over and muster appropriate concern that the dishwasher is broken. But it’s obvious that he is itching to phone the marketing director he left an hour ago to discuss a brilliant idea he had while turning into the driveway.

The spouse wonders: Who is this person’s real family? Where do his head and heart truly live?

Our greatest battle isn’t against our competition or the marketplace at large – the true battle lies in our hearts, as individuals and as a team.

Our greatest battle is for those that we respect, cherish, and love. Our real battle is one of flesh and blood; not product, nor profit margins, nor annual forecasts.

I love working with people who have families because it reminds us all of whom we really fight for and why we do great things. It motivates us, keeps us moving, keeps us alive. It is of our very truest essence.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

Thanks Mark.