What You Don’t Know About… Yet.

I drew this for myself this morning as a reminder to be kind to people this week, especially because there’s a big chance that I simply do not have all the information that I need to really know about them, their situation, and their experiences to rush to any snap judgment or to be impatient.

Originally posted on Indie Hackers

It’s exciting to meet new people! It’s fun to get to know folks in deeper and deeper ways. It’s also important to realize that, as we dig in, we’re going to find things about those people that we may not necessarily love (or even like).

That’s okay. That’s fine. More time may likely be needed on both sides of the table so that things can “unfold” naturally and without undue pressure (and pain).

I know that I like to be treated that way! I’m sure you’re the same.

Let’s be overwhelmingly kind to one another in 2020!