Be Weird


Whatever you do, be weird.

As a consumer of writing, please, for me, be weird. Whatever this profession needs, it does not need more hall monitors or commissars and it does not need more writers who seem to have nothing to offer beyond looking down their glasses at the world in shrill derision. That territory is covered. That corner has been taken.

The whole point of writing, the only reason to have an alphabet, is to say what no one else is saying. To be singular. What is the value of replicating words that have already appeared in the same order?

You can’t choose to be good and you can’t choose to be successful. But you can choose to be your own.

via Freddie deBoer

If you’re going to write then you should have an opinion and be excited when people come to punch you in the (digital) face for what you’ve said. Then you can learn to “duck” and uplevel your skills, your perspective, and your reality.

It really does start with writing.